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The main supplier of car’s electricity necessities is called the alternator. With that being said, the moment it starts to malfunction or fail, you have to act fast. Without undergoing an alternator replacement, you might see yourself stranded on the road being late with your appointment.  Luckily, Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros can do alternator replacement for you! Just give us a call and we will do the job for you!

How Car Alternator Works?

Your car seems to have an infinite supply of electricity because of the alternator. It takes a huge amount of juice to start your car engine and be able to meet the numerous electrical necessities of your vehicle. Even though different car batteries can have huge capacities, sooner or later the heater, headlights, Nav, stereo, and infotainment could possibly drain the car’s battery power.

It is also significant to note that the battery charges via the alternator while the car is running by transforming the mechanical energy coming from the spinning crank into the current. Moreover, the internal parts, brushes, and rotor of your car’s alternator wear down as time passes by. That is the main reason why alternator replacement is something that every car owner eventually has to do. Luckily, there are symptoms indicating that your car has to undergo alternator replacement and once you observe the below symptoms, don’t hesitate to call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros instantly. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as brake repair and car battery replacement.


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Symptoms That You Need Car Alternator Replacement

Luckily, the necessity for an alternator replacement typically comes with the following warning signs:

Dim or Flickering Lights

When the car alternator is malfunctioning, one of the usual indications that most drivers notice is dim or flickering lights. This symptom is very noticeable when the car headlights are on during the night but also obvious in center dome light and dash lights. In case the lights improve as RPMs pick up, it is an even more of an undisputable indication.

Service Engine Light

Another noticeable indication is the one that your car is trying to tell you. This sign differs by the car model, but the moment the alternator starts to wear out, you can see that “ALT,” “Check Engine,” or the battery icon indicator is lightened up.

Unusual Noises or Sounds

You must also note that the serpentine belt might possibly have stretched with age. With that, it might not be spinning your car’s alternator pulley efficiently, which leads to a lack of charge. As an outcome, you can hear some shrieking noise or sound. Aside from that, the internal bearings are possibly worn out to; therefore, causing a howl or crushing noise.

Electrical Problems

Electrical vehicle equipment, like the windows or power seats, may become slow to function. Deprived of sufficient power, every so often the device will not work or will unexpectedly stop functioning like the radio might turn itself off.

Car Engine Stalling

In case your car engine unexpectedly cuts while you are driving, it could possibly point to an alternator problem. Fuel injection necessities a good quantity of electrical power so without it, the car’s engine rapidly stalls.

Dead Battery

Devoid of a working alternator, the car rapidly consumes all the battery’s capacity, which will leave it drained. In case this happened, you have to pop the hood and check out your car’s battery, and you might possibly see the culprit. However, a fresh battery coupled with a malfunctioning alternator will swiftly leave you stranded once again. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like auto electric repair and car AC repair.

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Why You Should Choose Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros To Do The Alternator Replacement Services?

The moment your alternator starts to malfunction, you should ask us to provide you with alternator replacement service ASAP. The warning signs that your alternator necessitates replacement or reparation will involve your car’s electrical mechanisms. For example, you may see a dashboard warning light you’re your headlights may flicker or dim. In instances wherein the alternator starts creating some noise, it is likely that the belt is just loose. Aside from that, you might also smell burning rubber and point to an issue. Whatever warning signs you are observing or experiencing, Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros can help and assist you! In that case, if you are suspecting that you need alternator replacement services, please let us take a look and allow us to do the job so can hit back the road immediately again with confidence.

Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros: Your Reliable Professionals For Alternator Replacement

For years, we, at Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros have been providing our valued customers reliable and dependable alternator replacements. Whatever the bran of your vehicle, be it an economical local car or a luxury imported model, the ASE-Certified mechanics at Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros are capable of getting the job done!

It is also significant to mention that when your car alternator malfunctions while you are on the road you don’t have to be stressed and worried because Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros will head to your location! An alternator replacement must not be a headache for you; let our dedicated and skilled technicians do the job for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros In Performing Your Alternator Replacement Services?

Choosing Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros to do alternator replacement for you has a number of advantages. Here are they:

  • Superior-quality alternator replacement service
  • We offer a warranty on all our repairs
  • We have ASE-Certified car mechanics
  • Economically priced car alternator replacement services
  • We will be the one to head to your location
  • We are using state of the art equipment in doing all our services
  • Our technicians are approachable and friendly; you can ask any questions you have in mind

Call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros TODAY!

If ever you observe the signs of failing alternator, it is best for you to call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros. We can assist you with alternator replacement or repair immediately! Just give us a call and once our approachable customer service representative has all of the necessary details about your location, we will come to you wherever you are and any moment of the day! No need to worry if your car needs alternator replacement in an ill-timed manner because Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros got your back!

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