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Our easily accessible location makes it extremely quick to find the experts that you need. Whether you have a truck, an SUV, or a car, we, the Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros provide oil changing services for your vehicle no matter what the model, make, or brand. You will be gladly welcomed by expertly trained technicians who are knowledgeable in the use of the latest tools and products. We work on the time that is best for you. 

Aside from oil changing, we also offer a wide range of products and auto services. We are your go-to auto shop that will aid you in keeping your car in the best condition. Our oil change is different from what you usually get from other shops. When you bring your vehicle in, we provide a full auto-check up at an affordable and very competitive price. 

Technology has really changed the way that cars work and the different services that can initially appear to be quick and easy, like that of an oil change, now need an experienced and updated mechanic to work on it. Our technicians are all kept up-to-date on all the latest auto technologies and will be able to work on the newest or even the oldest engines. You can only get that here with us. We make us of the best parts, the best tools and materials, and the best technicians to guarantee you the best in quality service in the whole of San Antonio, TX.

The moment you set an appointment with us, be ready to have a fast and easy oil change that is worth every cent you give us. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as brake repair and car battery replacement.


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How important is it to get an oil change?

Oil and filter change maintenance is one of the most vital aspects that contribute to the longevity of your car’s engine life. In order to keep your engine clean and functioning properly, you have to make use of the right type of oil, which we know will work best for your vehicle, to maximize the car’s lifespan. By maximizing your vehicle’s performance and reducing the effects of regular wear and tear, you will be able to enjoy the use of your ride for much, much longer.

When do I need an oil change?

It is important to look at your owner’s manual where you can find their advised maintenance schedules. There are specific mileages that are set to use as a basis to get an oil change. Taking notice of this will make sure that your car gets the necessary maintenance done regularly to prevent any future damage that could happen to your car.

Another thing that you can do is to check the oil monitor messages that appear on your car’s dashboard. There are newer car models that have this incorporated into the car to help you keep track and know when you should be expecting the next oil or filter change.

A vital part of regular car maintenance is having an oil change. We do way more than swap out the oil or filter in your vehicle. We also offer a comprehensive service which will be done by our expert mechanics. 

A vehicle is dependent on this service to be able to run efficiently. It is necessary to have the oil kept clean, full, and not burnt. It provided the lubrication that is necessary to maintain the engine parts. The rubbing that occurs when your car runs, will eventually cause damage over time and what the oil does is prevent these parts from damage. You might like to check also our auto electric repair and car AC repair.

Oil Change (6)

Constant maintenance is the only way to optimize engine efficiency and prolong the use of your vehicle. There are other signs that can tell y6ou that you need an oil change. 

  1. When your Check Oil Light is on
  2. When your Check Engine Light is on
  3. When you notice that your oil is dirty
  4. When your engine starts making pinging or other types of sounds

The standard recommendation is to have a regular oil change between every 3000 or 5000 miles to prevent your engine from breaking down and to ensure that your oil is clear and clean. As mentioned, you can also check your car owner’s manual where you can find an oil change mileage guide. You can also ask help from our technicians to check whether you need the service.

Our shop can provide the best quality oil change or oil filter replacement. And we offer this service at incredibly affordable rates.All you have to do is set an appointment with us we’ll handle your needs. 

We cannot emphasize how important it is to maintain your vehicle’s oil and filters. By conducting a regular oil change at the suggested intervals, your vehicle will be able to stay in it’s best shape. Different vehicles may have varying mileage points before an oil change is necessary, so referring to the owner’s manual or getting advice from our tenured technicians, would let you know when you need to pencil in an appointment.

You should also know that the frequency and the type of driving that you do will also affect the need for an oil change. The more you use your car or the heavier the use, the need for more frequent servicing may arise. Problems with your vehicle’s oil filter or when you allow your oil to settle for an extended amount of time would be a possible cause of a build-up of debris that can go to your car’s engine.

 When this happens, this can affect the interiors of your engine and then lead to the malfunctioning of other components. Ultimately, this can lead to an overall damage to your engine which will end up costing you a lot more than you would pay for the oil change. 

Aside from having a regular oil change, you also need to make sure that your mechanic uses the right parts and fluids for your vehicle. We know what the best options are for your vehicle you you can rest assured that it will be in its best shape after our service.

You can always trust us to provide the highest quality service at the best possible price. Whether you need an oil change or a full auto inspection, we are here for you.

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