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A car starter replacement must be done as soon as the owner observed that his car starter is failing. For some reference, the starter is very significant to make your vehicle’s engine start. Your car’s starter is keyed up whenever you are twisting your key in the car’s ignition. Energizing your vehicle’s starter triggers airflow in the engine, which lets for combustion to take place. A car that lacks a functioning starter won’t be able to start; therefore the owner can’t go anywhere!

If ever this happens, your car will need to undergo starter replacement. Lucky, this problem can be solved by Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros easily. You just have to call us and our team of proficient mechanics will head to your location. Even if your starter broke down while at home, in your office parking, or even at the roadside, we got your back! We offer high-quality starter replacement services here in San Antonio, TX and all you need to do is call us and feel free to consult about our other services such as fuel pump repair and alternator replacement.


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Signs That You Need Starter Replacement

There are five warning signs that you can observe which indicates that your car needs starter replacement. Here are they:

  1. Crunching sound

A worn our starter drive gear will often create a crunching noise. The sound you’ll hear is akin to the one you can hear in case you start your car’s engine and then unintentionally hit the starter for a second time. Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is advising you not to ignore this symptom that you need starter replacement because doing so will result in the damage of the engine flywheel.

  1. Smoke

You must be immediately concerned if you see smoke as it can point to a few different issues with the starting circuit or the starter itself. Smoke typically points to an excessive power being brought through the electrical supply going to the starter. This may be due to a shorted starter, which functioned for too long deprived of rest or that there’s an issue with the connection. Smoke might possibly be coupled with a burning odor. In that case, if you see smoke, we, at Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros are recommending you to call professionals like us ASAP. We will head to your location to check out the problem and do the essential repair or even starter replacement if it’s needed

  1. Freewheeling

This symptom happens if you crank your car’s engine and just hear a rumbling noise coming from the starter. If ever this circumstance occurs, it simply indicates that the starter gear isn’t working properly with the engine flywheel. You should be aware that this is an awful scenario wherein a starter replacement is needed. If this is occurring, call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros immediately to service your car and do starter replacement.

  1. Oil soak

Most often than not, the car’s starter is sited around the bottom of your car’s engine. Therefore, it is susceptible to soaking from leakages from your engine oil and any other drivetrain liquids. You must know that an oil-soaked starter possibly has a short life left. In this case, Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros advice you to consider fixing the leak and ask a professional to do the starter replacement before a breakdown happen.

  1. Failing Solenoid

As what we all know, the solenoid hands on electrical current coming from the car battery going to the starter motor whenever you crack the key in your car’s ignition. Apart from that, it also impulses the starter drive going to the engine flywheel which will lead to cranking. Seeing this scenario, we can surely conclude that the starter won’t function if the solenoid is failing. The moment you try turning your car key to the crank point and nothing ensues, you can try wiggling the transmission gear shift knob first. In case the engine still don’t crank, you might be facing a problem with your solenoids. Consider checking also about our other services such as power steering repair and wheel bearing replacement.

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Starter Replacement / Repair

In case your automobile won’t start, there is a high possibility that you need a starter replacement service. You will observe that starting glitches and difficulties may be sporadic at first, but sooner or later, your starter will break down completely and you and your vehicle will be left stranded. If ever your car fails to start recurrently, you can call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros and we will do an amp draw testing on your car’s starter. This test will help in determining if the resistance is above normal. An amp test will show if the amperage is excessively high and triggers too much resistance which is an indication that the starter is malfunctioning. 

To avoid being stranded at the roadside, we, at Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros are recommending you to call us immediately so that our team of certified mechanics will do the starter replacement for you! Just call us and we will head to your location instantly!

Why Should You Trust Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros In Performing Your Starter Replacement Procedure?

Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is considered to be one of the best in the mechanic industry. We are trusted in performing not just starter replacement but also other car care services. Why should you choose us? Here are the reasons:

Reasonably Priced Starter Replacement Services

Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is offering starter replacement services at a reasonable price. Despite that we have innovative tools and equipment our services remain reasonably priced. This has been one of the many reasons why we have repeat clients and they are also referring us with their friends and family members.

We Head To Wherever You Are In San Antonio, TX

Since we are a mobile mechanic, you don’t have to bring or pick up your car in a mechanic shop and wait there for hours. Also, you won’t have to pay a lavish amount of money for towing services as we will be the one to come to your location wherever you are in San Antonio, TX. Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros will help you save your time and money!

ASE Certified Mechanics With Proper Training

Our team of mechanics here at Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is ASE Certified and is armed with proper training. Therefore, we can assure you that nothing will go wrong with our starter replacement services.

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