In need of Professional Water Pump Replacement Service?

One of the car repairs you must not postpone is the water pump replacement. Hiring Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros in having your car inspected during the first time you observe an indication of failure or leak will be able to help you save thousands of your hard-earned money in the long run!

The water pump in your vehicle is important to the cooling system process. Its main purpose is to circulate coolant going to the car’s engine and radiator to be able to preserve optimum operating temperature. In case your water pump breaks down, the coolant won’t be able to perform its job to stop your vehicle’s engine from overheating. You perhaps already know that excessive high temperature may lead to engine failure. In case this happens, you will face costly repairs like automobile engine rebuilding or at worst replacement. With that being said, the moment you notice that there’s something wrong with your pump, call Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros instantly to do the water pump replacement for you. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as fuel pump repair and alternator replacement.


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How Does Water Pump Work?

The centrifugal pump that is situated in the front portion of your car’s engine is called the water pump. In numerous cars, it is run and driven by the crankshaft belt. The aforementioned drive belt, which is also known as a V belt or serpentine belt is attached to the car engine’s crankshaft. The moment your car’s engine starts running, the crankshaft will rotate; thus, turning the belt. While the drive belt is turning, it will turn the blades that are located on the impeller pump. As this point the coolant will now pass through the passages inside the engine block, afterward, heading to the cylinder head(s), passing through the thermostat, upper radiator hose, going through the radiator, and going back into the water pump via lower radiator hose. It is also worth mentioning that as hot coolant moves going to the radiator it is then cooled back down through the air cooling fan. Moreover, in some other automobiles, the water pump is propelled by the timing chain or belt. On the other hand, others are gear driven water pumps are thrust by the camshaft. While some newer European vehicles like BMWs and Volkswagens, depend on electrically operated water pumps similar to the hybrid cars.

Indications That You Need Water Pump Replacement Services

Water pumps unavoidably wear through as time passes by. As a matter of fact, it usually fails when your car mileage is already between 40K and 100K. The moment it fails, you must be aware that it can’t be repaired; therefore, you will need water pump replacement services. Fortunately, Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros can help you with the water pump replacement process. Our expert mechanics utilized OEM and high-quality parts. On top of that, all our replacements services are backed by a complete warranty. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like power steering repair and wheel bearing replacement.

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Additionally, you may also have your water pump replacement procedure alongside timing belt replacement. In fact, some water pumps are propelled by timing belt; therefore, they typically wear out at about the same time. In case you only replaced the belt and your water pump breaks down or starts to leak it can destroy the new belt installed. Having timing belt and water pump replacement all at the same time may help you save money because the equal amount of work is needed whether you do just one or both. To know if you already need water pump replacement, you must observe these indications:

  • Noticeable steam coming from the radiator

Seeing steam coming out from your car’s radiator is an indication that the engine overheating. If this ever happened, Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is advising you to have it investigated and checked by experienced ASE Certified mechanics like us. 

  • Overheating Engine

If water pump failure occurs the coolant won’t be able to travel going to the system; therefore, the engine will rapidly overheat. Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is warning you not to drive whenever you observe that the engine is overheating. It is advised that you pull over the moment you see any problem. You must be aware that driving while experiencing overheating issues can trigger major engine damage like a cracked cylinder head and blustered head gaskets. Mind you, having your car checked by a mobile mechanic is much more inexpensive than having it undergo engine replacement services!

  • Low-pitched crushing or high-pitched grouching noise

A grumbling sound or noise that is coming from your car engine that also gets louder as your vehicle accelerates might possibly be instigated by a loose pulley or belt. Bearings satiated inside the water pump may also wear out and break down as time passes by; consequently, it will trigger a loud grating noise.

  • Coolant outflow

If ever you see coolant that is visible on the ground underneath your car or outside of your vehicle’s water pump it may be an indication that you need water pump replacement services.

How Water Pump Replacement Is Done?

Your car’s water pump, and generally the related belts like the timing or driving belt which propels it, along with the connected hosepipes, will be replaced and afterward, a new coolant will be installed. The water pump replacement also includes radiator and thermostat cap changing. This will help in protecting the cooling system of your car, which is checked and pressure tested to make sure that there are no other lingering issues or problems

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Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is ASE certified and we are knowledgeable on water pump replacement and other car care services. Aside from that, we also pride ourselves in being honest and we only provide accurate diagnostics to our valued clients. What’s more is we are using state of the art tools and equipment in performing all of our services. But despite that, our prices remain inexpensive and budget friendly. These are just a few reasons why you should choose us to perform all your car maintenance needs! So if ever you need water pump replacement or any other repairs, just call us and we will be the one to come to your location. Call us now and be entertained by our welcoming customer service representative!

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