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Are you looking for a company service that can replace your wheel bearing?  Have peace of mind, our company “Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros” is always ready to help you! A wheel bearing is one of the most essential parts of a car, it allows a wheel to spin freely and assure the security of the car. Every car has 4-wheel bearing located behind your wheels, so if one of the wheel bearings are damaged, you may feel a little shake. However, do not ever drive in this kind of condition. That’s why we are here! Our job is to replace your wheel bearing done by our professional and expert technicians.

 We aim to give you the best and highest-quality service that you can only experience from our company Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros. Leave the job to our knowledgeable and expert technicians, they will finish the replacement of your wheel bearing smoothly, quickly, and excellent. If you are in the lookout of the finest wheel bearing replacement service, hire our team and we assure to bring your car to its next level performance. Get us a call and we settle the schedule, payment, and everything! Just call us and we’ll start the job right after your call and feel free to consult about our other services such as and starter replacement  and water pump replacement .


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Why does your car have wheel bearings and what does it do?

Someone suggests that you replace your wheel bearings, but you do not know what is a Wheel Bearing. Let us explain briefly what is a Wheel Bearings.Do you see a set of steel balls that place together on a ring-like? It is your wheel bearings.  They are the ones helping the wheel to freely spin with a little friction. The wheel bearing is used to all kinds of the vehicle starting from bikes, to aircraft. A wheel bearing is designed to annihilate the effect of a wheel in motion. Lastly, it is located in every back of the wheel. Sounds like unimportant right? But it really plays a big role in every vehicle. If you hire our technicians, we assure to explain to you more information about your wheel bearings, and how you can properly take care of it. Ring us on our hotline for more information!  

Signs that you need to replace your wheel bearing:

       Nowadays, the wheel bearing has two types. Old model wheel bearing can be repaired by the technicians. While the other one is called Hub bearings, it is the new bearing nowadays. Hub bearings are assembled internally, the reason why it can’t be repaired or serviceable. But hub bearings can be replaced with a new one.

 Here are some of the signs that you need a service that can replace your wheel bearing:

Making an unwanted and unusual noise, it is the common sign of a wheel bearing that has an issue. If your wheel bearing has damage, it creates an annoying grinding sound that comes on your tire area, and it has a vibration that you can feel. If you experience one of these things, you probably need a replacement of your wheel bearing. Glad to tell you that, we are one of the best wheel bearings replacement companies. Don’t have a doubt and trust our service. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like  diesel mechanic and oil change.


ABS or brake failure, this is the worst signs that you need to replace your wheel bearing. ABS failure can lead to internal and external damage of your wheel bearing. It can also result in loss of bearing clamp. Due to this outcome, it can bring you to more severe mechanical damage. So, don’t wait at this moment, and replace your wheel bearings by availing our trusted service!

Does it feel the same in all vehicles when your wheel bearings need replacement?

Essentially, all of the symptoms can be found in all types of vehicles. The only difference between them is the total cost you need to pay and the location of each wheel bearing. So, if you feel one of these symptoms, no matter what the type of your car is, you are welcome to our service! We can assure you to fix the issue of your wheel bearings whatever the type of your vehicle is!

What happens to your wheel bearings if you don’t replace it?

The worst thing that may ever happen if you don’t immediately replace your wheel bearing if it is damaged, the brake performance of your car. There’s a potential loss of your steering control if you don’t replace a damaged wheel bearing, you will also cause to unstable and hard handling when driving your car. However, this is just a few possible outcomes that may happen if you don’t replace your wheel bearings. Get us a call right now to make sure that your car is in a safe service!

Is there any way to make it cost less?

For you to make a wheel bearing repair cost less we recommend that you must avail a trusted and quality service to have the inspection and get advice on the professional technicians. Luckily, we are the one you are looking for! We assure you to pay much cheaper than other replacement services. You will also get free advice on how to take care properly to your wheel bearings to avoid damaging it. By the time you avail our service, you can rest assured that you will pay less than other services!

Wheel bearing replacement service that you can trust

Mobile Mechanic San Antonio Pros is always here to help you when you need a car servicing, especially the Wheel Bearing Replacement. You can also get free professional advice that you can trust on. We are one of the top performing car services in San Antonio, TX. High-quality repair shop, affordable prices with some special discount, road assistance, are the benefits that you can get if you hire our professional technicians! We hope that you call us whenever you need a car service. We want you to experience the best and highest-quality service in the area and beyond!

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